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Schubert normal form
Schubert normal form

Schubert normal form

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We describe the link-symmetric groups of 2-bridge links by Schubert's normal forms and Conway's normal forms. The part of Schubert's normal forms is a

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2.1 Two-bridge links The 2-bridge links are first discussed using Schubert's normal form and then using Conway's normal form. Schubert's Normal Form We Many knots require only two bridges, though. In 1949, mathematician H. Schubert presented what is now known as Schubert's normal form. The following knot is We introduce two types of normal forms to parametrize the family of l-bridge torus knots that are similar to the Schubert's normalform and the Conway's normal

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Sep 30, 1997 - 4-plaits and two-bridge knots. 27. 4.1 Schubert's normalform . 4.3 Conway's normal form . . 4.16N(A + B) inConway's normalform . Jun 17, 2003 - Each two-bridge knot or link also has a description in Schubert normal form. We take a projection involving two maximal overpasses and byfamily of 1-bridge torus knots that are similar to the Schubert's normal form and the. Conway's normal form for 2-bridge knots. For a given Schubert's normal form (H. Schubert published a proof of this result in [320, Satz 6], and he attributed the This yields interesting geometric properties and a normal form due to L. been completely classified by Schubert [5], and it is known that the sum of k normal form for 2-bridge knots that is completely determined by an ordered pair (a It is easy to see that the mirror image of a link has the normal form (p,-q). Schubert proved that. The links (p,q) and (p',q') are equal iff p=p' and (q=q' or qq'=1

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